Over the past weekend, some Texans stayed home and socially distanced while others gathered to dance and drink. Before Gov. Greg Abbott officially announced that bars across Texas are allowed to reopen this Friday at 25% capacity, one Fort Worth man was "bored" and decided to host massive warehouse parties for his friends and any other local guest who wished to attend. 

Corey Mobley, a local bar's director of operations, decided to throw a giant warehouse party to celebrate his birthday and turned it into a two-day event on May 15 and 16. 

Hundreds are estimated to have shown up each night to drink, dance, and celebrate the night with one another.

The bar director shared multiple photos from the event and openly advertised the parties so people would attend. According to Mobley, even the police showed up — though, not to party.

When he spoke to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, he revealed that he hosted the parties because "there was nothing else to do." 

After the first night, with all the feedback from guests and outside observers, he asked in a post if anyone would be interested in a second night of celebrations.

A lot of people responded which ultimately lead the 37-year-old to host another night of partying in the warehouse.

In a Facebook post from May 17, Mobley shared, "Just want to give a huge shout out to everyone that helped make this possible all weekend... To everyone that helped me move stuff, set up, worked, and the 500+ people that showed up to the parties."

He posted multiple photos from the event that shows off all the guests who turned up to have a good time.

Mobley has been openly outspoken about bar shutdowns across Texas, sharing many posts before Monday, May 18, featured the hashtag "#OpenTheBars." 

Abbott is allowing bars to start reopening on Friday, May 22, but several bars have received citations for opening too early. 

Mobley says he hasn't received any notices yet from local code compliance.

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