Although it may feel like we know Joe Exotic after watching every episode of Tiger King, the fact of the matter is that we only know what the docu-series chose to show us. What happened before the show was filmed, and what's happening after, is somewhat of a mystery to us. However, a "FREE JOE EXOTIC" Facebook group has a recent post that shows what Exotic was like "before he became obsessed with Carole Baskin," and it's going viral.

For those of you wondering, yes, there are, in fact, FREE JOE EXOTIC Facebook groups. This one, in particular, has a post from earlier this morning with photos of Exotic visiting a young girl in Dallas, before his "Carole Baskin days."

Candace Ferguson posted the photos along with a lengthy caption explaining the side of Exotic that she once knew, and one that she's now letting fans see.

The post has over thirteen-thousand likes, nearly one-thousand shares, and almost one-and-a-half-thousand comments.

Those who aren't apart of the Facebook group can still see posts since it's public and joining the group is as simple as clicking a button.

Even if you don't want to join, Ferguson's words of kindness about Exotic are definitely worth taking a look at.

"Before he went crazy and let Carole Baskin ruin him he was a really great guy. I knew this little girl, my daughter was friends with her. She lives in Dallas and we would visit her often," said Ferguson.

"She has now passed away but we never could thank Joe enough for bringing her these adorable babies to love on and Joe would even sit in the sand box and play with Katie." Ferguson continued. "Something he didn’t have to do he wanted to do because of his kind heart."

In the photo above, you can see Exotic happily playing in the sand alongside Katie.

The news that she has passed is heartbreaking and could be one of the main reasons Ferguson is choosing to speak out now.

If the group of people who believe Exotic should be free needed any reminders of why they're fighting for him, it looks like they got it.