Tiger King has been almost all that Netflix-lovers been able to talk about these days, and it's easy to see why. The many personalities that the Netflix docu-series focuses on is cause for quite the discussion, especially with one of them winding up behind bars. Joe Exotic is currently at a Texas facility for a 14-day quarantine after inmates from a previous facility he was at tested positive for COVID-19, and it turns out there's actually a way you can communicate with him. 

According to his official Facebook page, Exotic is asking for fans to send mail to his new address at the Federal Bureau of Prisons-operated Federal Medical Center Forth Worth in Texas. 

Thanks to the page, we're able to keep up with how Exotic is doing behind bars and figure out how exactly to reach out to him ourselves.

There have been two detailed Facebook postings going over how to get in touch with Exotic, one of which was posted just hours ago.

Each post includes an address to send your mail to and how to ensure Exotic receives it, which, of course, involves money.

Whether he's in this for the reward or genuinely wants to hear from his fans, we may never know. One thing's for sure and that's that Exotic is acting as a businessman, even from behind bars.

Someone close to Exotic still runs his Facebook to this day, and on Thursday, April 2, a detailed explanation as to what's going on with Exotic was posted, as well as where he's at now and how to send him mail.

The post read, "Each email he reads and answers does cost money. He won’t be able to read or answer you back unless any of you who wish to communicate via email puts money into his commissary."

This post included from hours ago included an update, "He is still under precautionary quarantine and apologizes for not being able to respond to the many emails he received before he was transferred. As soon as Joe is able, he will get his new email set up and send out posts."

If you'd like to hear from the Tiger King himself, now's your chance!