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You Can Completely Pamper Yourself For Cheap At This 24-Hour Nude Spa In Dallas

Everyone needs to indulge in a well-deserved spa day every once in a while. Some people like to venture far away to a luxury spa on a foreign beach, but that's not ideal for most people who just need a day to relax. A perfect spot to get 24 hours of relaxation and peace all for less than $50 is the 24-hour nude spa in Dallas, King Spa and Sauna.

The Korean spa uses a variety of techniques to keep their visitors relaxed and happy. You can enjoy their collection of relaxing amenities such as their steamy Base Rock Room and their Fire Sudatorium with aromatherapy. They also have salt rooms where you can bask in the healing properties of heated salts and an infrared room that helps heal a multitude of body conditions. You can also spend some time in their Bulgama Room where you can absorb the relaxing energy from heated crystals.

Before you get to the steam rooms and coed spa areas, everyone must shower and use the gender-separated spas. Inside the wet spa area, all clothes are prohibited, including swimsuits, to make sure that no germs are brought in and everything is perfectly and peacefully clean. Then everyone is provided a clean set of spa "pajamas" to relax in throughout the saunas.

The spa also has its own indoor spa water park that includes multiple pools, jets, whirlpools, and poolside bar. The waterpark has a kids pool and waterslide as well. Everyone is required to wear bathing suits or clothes in this area, as it is outside of the private spa area.

They also have spots where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks during your time out of the water. You can also hang out in their movie theater and lounge areas to cool off after a long steam session. 

You can experience all of this for an entire 24-hour period for just $45 per adult. For any extra services like massages or body treatments, you will need to pay an additional fee. 

And after hours of soaking and relaxing in a Korean themed spa, you can head to the new Myungrang Hot Dog in DFW for some classic Korean junk food.

King Spa And Sauna

Price: $45

Address: 2154 Royal Ln., Dallas, TX. 75229

Why You Need To Go: You can relax in a nude spa, nine saunas, and an indoor waterpark for 24 hours for cheap. This is the dream spot for those looking to relax without traveling too far from home.

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