While littering on its own is illegal and not good for the environment, it is now becoming more hazardous than ever. There have been many photographed cases of dirty masks and gloves being spotted in the streets across Texas cities and officials are warning locals to stop throwing out their medical trash in improper ways. Littering medical masks in Texas is an issue right now and you can help to stop it.

There are photos popping up across social media of used and dirty masks and gloves being spotted on streets, parking lots, and other public spaces around the city. 

While littering has a major negative effect on our environment, poorly disposing of used medical masks and gloves can be hurting our community in many ways.

Leaving the dirty protective gear on the ground in public can spread any possible disease to essential workers who have to clean it up. 

The Don't Mess With Texas program tweeted out to its citizens about the repeating crimes saying "You're endangering fellow Texans, harming wildlife, making our state ugly and being an overall garbage human being."

They also said they would mail a free car litter bag for anyone who reaches out to try to help prevent further littering.

They attached a collage of many different photos of gloves and masks that they have come across. The number of disposed of items is alarming.

The City of Plano also had some strong words for their community after seeing hazardous items across DFW.

Below their initial tweet and photo, they listed out a variety of reasons why people should not be throwing out their gear on the street.

"It’s illegal – Up to $500 fine. It’s dangerous – Spreads the disease to our essential workers. It’s harmful – Wildlife & pets are injured by these items when swallowed or entangled. It’s long term – Plastics take hundreds of years to decompose"

They finished up their thread of tweets with a link you can use to report a litterer.

If that doesn't convince you to be more self-conscious about your disposal methods then nothing will.

Feel free to reach out to get one of the free car trash bags from DMWT if you need one.