Illusions are shared all across the internet for being fun and totally confusing. The biggest social media debates ever have consisted of whether you saw a white and gold dress or a blue and black dress. Now an entire museum dedicated to these mind shattering illusions is coming to Texas! The Museum of Illusions is coming to Dallas this September, and you do not want to miss it.

The museum is dedicated to some of the best amazing illusions, all ready to be photographed for your next mind-boggling Instagram post. Visitors will be able to enjoy interactive features with the coolest light and sound illusions, and at times even become a part of the art itself. The museum is set to have a permanent residence on the west end of Dallas, so it will be in the perfect spot for all visitors to stop by and enjoy the illusions.

Some of the rooms visitors might be able to see include an upside-down room, a poker room where you can play with multiple version of your self, and different holograms that trick your mind and eyes. The museum also includes an anti-gravity room, infinity roo, and loads of optical illusions.

The Dallas museum will surely bring its own unique illusions, as each of the traveling museums has its own individual theme. This exhibition is just the latest to come to the states and the only one in Texas. Other Museum of Illusions are located in New York and Kansas.

Tickets for the other United States museums range from $17 to $20 per person and we're expecting the Dallas tickets to be similar. 

The new Museum of Illusions will be located at 701 N Ross Ave, Dallas TX. To stay updated on the upcoming Dallas Musem of Illusions, you can visit their official website here.