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New Orleans Beignets In Dallas Can Be Found At This Tasty Spot

Beignets have become a widely loved dessert item and are always sought after when people pay a visit to the Mardi Gras capital of America, New Orleans, Louisiana. The treat has so many fans that "beignet bars" have been growing in popularity in Texas and quite an influx has popped up in the Dallas area recently. This particular one, however, is so enjoyed by the DFW community that The Dusty Biscuit, the popular Dallas beignet bar, has opened its doors permanently on South Main.

Since there are a couple of foodie spots serving the delicious dessert around the city already, it can sometimes be challenging to bring a different concept to the table.

The Dusty Biscuit has you covered though since they serve an insane variety of beignet options on their menu.

With the traditional options that everyone knows and loves, similar to the ones at Cafe Du Monde, along with club sandwiches that are served on a beignet, you really do get the best of both worlds at this joint.

Some of their more savory options include a beignet called The Dusty Biscuit and Three Pigs Gravy (a beignet smothered in gravy with pieces of bacon over top).

After hearing about that work of art, you know this isn't just a regular beignet bar. It's a cool beignet bar.

Amongst their savory items, are everyone's favorite, the sweet beignets.

There is a Lemon Glaze beignet that seems to be a hit with the public. It's a traditional beignet with a Lemon Glaze drizzled on top... wow, mouth-watering goodness.

With quite a few others a part of the selection of sweet items, we hear that you can't go wrong on any of the ones you decide on.

Fat Tuesday also just passed last week and you may know that New Orleans holds an intense celebration during that time.

To pay homage to that custom, The Dusty Biscuit also created a beignet that is entirely Mardi Gras themed. This is a seasonal menu item so grab one while you can.

Good thing they're open permanently, so you can stop by anytime from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm every Tuesday to Saturday!

Just find the funky Airstream booth that is adorably named Fork Worth and you'll find all the beignets you desire.

The Dusty Biscuit

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Beignets

Address: 105 S Main St, Fort Worth, TX

Why You Need To Go: The Dusty Biscuit has popped up around Dallas several times. After opening their first store on South Main, it's been such a success that the owners decided to leave their day job and stick with their passion, beignets!

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