If your idea of entertainment includes synchronized lightings, 360 projections, special effects, a one of a kind soundscape, and the most thrilling energy, the right experience for you is just around the corner. PY1's new giant neon pyramid near Dallas brings the multimedia shows you crave inside a glitzy pyramid venue.

From December 31 and until March 1, a gigantic pyramidal structure with capacity for 1,000 people will take over Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas.

Inside, you can experience a variety of incredible shows filled with lights, lasers, music, projections, and the most innovative entertainment technology to date.

The whole concept behind the high-tech 81-foot high pyramid was created by Guy Laliberté, Cirque Du Soleil founder. His idea: Give life to the next entertainment phenomenon. Did he succeed? You may be able to judge that for yourself.

In Arlington, PY1 will feature 2 main shows, Through the Echoes and Stella – The time machine journey. You can purchase tickets right now with a 10% discount for Early Birds. FY1 has previously been in Montreal and Miami. 

The shows use 32 laser projectors, 286 kinetic set pieces, 444 LED lighting fixtures, 744,000-lumen screens, and 126 speakers. 

The result is a supergalactic experience you can't miss. 

Through the Echoes is a 50-minute multimedia show where the audience travels through space and time like in a waking dream. Stella – The time machine journey, however, is a 40-minute participatory multimedia show that is more family-oriented.

Besides the incredible resources, the main difference between these shows from other traditional entertainment experiences is that here you are free to stand, sit, lie down and move around as you pleased. 

In addition to the main shows, they also have the PY1 Nights happening on Saturday evenings and select special nights, for adults only. 

If you are looking to close 2019 with a one-of-a-kind experience near the Dallas-FortWorth area, maybe you should consider going inside the pyramid. 


Price: $23.50 - $48.60

When: Dec. 31 - Mar. 1, 2020

Address: Globe Life Park 1000 Ballpark Way, Arlington, Texas

Why You Need To Go: It's entertainment like no other! And it's only here for a limited time so head on over when it's here.