Texas' Louis Vuitton Factory Is Now Making Face Masks For Locals In Need

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Texas' Louis Vuitton Factory Is Now Making Face Masks For Locals In Need

In the wake of the coronavirus, many big businesses have stepped up to do what they can to help their customers, as well as their communities. One corporation that seems to be going above and beyond is none other than LVMH, which made a big announcement last week. Louis Vuitton's North Texas manufacturing workshop is pressing pause on purse production in order to focus solely on making hundreds of thousands of protective masks for workers who need them. 

This week, the Johnson County workshop's employees will be hard at work making protective gear for hospital staff.

"The LVMH Group and its Maisons have been actively engaged since the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis to help battle the spread of the virus," said the company in a statement released last week.

Distribution of the masks should be taking place in local areas soon after the masks have been produced. 

While these masks won't be sold to the general public, it's clear that they're going to those who need it most.

"With hospitals around the world facing shortages of materials and equipment, the private sector has quickly stepped up to help in the fight against COVID-19," the press release continued.

The news came the same week that Dallas city officials made it mandatory for all Dallas residents to wear face coverings in public.

This rule is one that many Texas cities are implementing.

Workshops in New Jersey, California, and around Europe will be following suit in the mask production efforts.

In fact, Louis Vuitton is also "making gowns for frontline hospital workers in Paris hospitals, which face a serious shortage of protective clothing."

It's inspiring to see companies such as Louis Vuitton doing what they can to help get the world back to normal.

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