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Dallas-Fort Worth Could See Snow Again As It's Hit With A Flash Winter Storm This Week

Right now, only Texans can understand Texas weather. The Lone Star State can go from tornadoes and twisters to hot weather and then snow in the blink of an eye. Whether global climate change is to blame or not, a winter storm will possibly bring snow to North Texas this week, and you'll need to trade the light clothing for a heavy jacket, hat, and mittens.

The DFW area saw snow one night last month, and while some people complained about the dramatic temperature changes, others couldn't wait to see some snow in the North of the state.

As for this week, the forecast predicts a strong cold front coming from the East that is carrying arctic temperatures. Chances of snow and sleet included.

This is expected to occur from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning.

For many people, these wild and sudden weather conditions are hard to handle considering the 70 plus degrees Fahrenheit the area has on Monday.

As usual, Texans use Twitter to share their mixed feelings.

Twitter user RedTheRabbit mentions that Texas can have three crazy different climate conditions in just one week.

Other users even explain to people in other states the unique behavior of Texas' weather.

ChrisHalicke also tweeted a response to a picture from WPXIScott that shows how weather can change in western Pennsylvania.

He said that North Texas could be even more epic than that, having 70 degrees with tornadoes at 9 p.m. and then snow at 5 a.m.

Another user, BennieBigham, blames the ever-changing Texas weather and the fact that Dallasites haven't had a proper winter in four years to climate change.

What we know for sure is that temperatures will start dropping on Tuesday afternoon/night, causing cold rain that will slowly transition to potentially heavy snow and sleet on Wednesday.

Temperatures will be in the 30s, but conditions will be windy, so it'll feel like the 20s or even the 10s. Get ready to take those winter jackets out of the closet. 

It is weird to see snow in North Texas this time of year. Twitter user PalmaSeljan stated, "Doesn't sound like early spring to me."

Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog might have been wrong about spring coming soon, at least in North Texas.

Whatever your feelings are about the chance of snow in Texas this week, take into account that the expected weather may cause tough road conditions, such as slick roadways and icy bridges and overpasses due to the accumulations of sleet or snow.

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