When planning on traveling, you always want to get to your destination without breaking the bank. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to travel for cheap but there can be several flights in your budget if you know when and where to look. If you look today, a plane ticket from Dallas to Chicago is as low as $65, so we think you should take that deal because normally that itenirary can cost over $300.

While several airlines are offering Chicago deals right now, Spirit is the leader of the pack. The flight deal only applies to a weekend trip from October 26 to October 28. Other flights let you stay a few days longer, but range from $65 to $108. If you choose to take Spirit though it won't include luggage. But the fees aren't that bad even when you add them on for the two and a half hour flight.

The flight leaves from Dallas/Fort-Worth International Airport and landS at the O'Hare International Airport. The departures are at around 5 p.m. to 10 p.m, and the non stop route will get you there in a jiffy.

With tons of incredible things to see and do in Chicago, this deal is surely one you wouldn't want to miss. It's even better because it fits perfectly for a weekend trip, meaning you don't need to take any days off! And if you're in a little need of a pro-tip, check your bags when booking your flight to save some extra cash.

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You can also travel to Spain for cheap, or even to Louisiana for more wanderlust fun!

Flights From Dallas To Chicago

Original Price: $200 - 300

Sale Price: $65 - $69

Why You Need It: Flights to Chicago are super cheap right now and allow you to take a weekend trip.