Plenty of ice cream shops are popping up all over North Texas and this one could be more delicious than all of them. Pop Factory is opening two new locations in the Dallas area and they are going to be serving up the best pop treats in the city! Satisfy your sweet tooth at one of their two brand new locations in Dallas.

One of the new locations will be in Uptown Dallas at 3700 McKinney Ave and the other will be at 8061 Walnut Hill. For the sweetest summer ever, be sure to check out one of their new spots for some tasty, chilling sweets. 

Pop Factory only has one location so far that is in Las Colinas so the double expansion is well welcomed into the Dallas area. 

The shop has plenty of ice pops for everyones tastes, from normal flavors like vanilla and strawberry to less traditional ones including cafe mocha and dulce de leche. The shop also has a number of alcohol-based pops such as sangria and their more popular flavor Frose which, you guessed it, has rose in it. The shop also has Pop Fraps which are frappuccinos with an ice pop on top.

We've reached out to the shop for an opening date but nothing has yet been confirmed. Stay tuned with us or with Pop Factory's social medias for more info.

Pop Factory prides itself in making natural pops inspired by the ones made in Mexico. The shop took the idea of using only natural ingredients but then decided to add twists to the original flavors to make them their own.

Prices for the pop are about $3 each and work their way up depending on what you ask for. They also have a variety of toppings like chocolate, sprinkles and caramel drizzles. 

For more information about Pop Factory including a full list of their delicious ice pops, you can visit their website here.