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This North Texas Lake Has The Most Incredible Natural Cliffs And Blue Water

Have fun passing through Devils Gate!
This North Texas Lake Has The Most Incredible Natural Cliffs And Blue Water

When you think of opossums you probably don't immediately think of beautiful bodies of water perfect for summer. Get ready to change that because Possum Kingdom Lake in North Texas is amazingly beautiful and is the absolute best place to take in the sights of the most incredible cliffs. Just 40 minutes from Fort Worth, the clear blue water is so amazing and you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, and hike one of the many trails around the lake. 

The giant body of water is mostly filled with people fishing or hanging out in boats trying to get some rays of the sun. Possum State Park is just on the other side of the lake ready for you to explore. You can also camp at the lake at any of their 100 campsites that start at just $10 and work their way up.

Hells Gate is one of their main attractions made of two massive walls of rock with a perfect opening for boats to pass by. During the Fourth of July, they have a massive firework show from the top of the gate. Visitors are not allowed to drive over the cliffs as it can be dangerous, but you can tie up your boats and hang out for a while. 

Entrance fee for the lake and the park is just $4 a day and you can rent kayaks, canoes, and many other things that will make your day on the water complete. With over 17,000 surface acres and over 300 miles of awesome shoreline, the lake is an amazing place to spend the day outdoors. 

Possum Kingdom Lake is located at 3901 State Park Rd. 33Caddo, TX 76429. For more information, you can visit their website here.

For the perfect summer relaxation spot, you need to head over right away and get your tan on!

Possum Kingdom Lake 

Price: $4

Address: 3901 State Park Rd. 33 Caddo, TX 76429

Why you need to go: The lake has beautiful water and the ever famous Hell's Gate that make the place just that much more scenic. 


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