Not many people are aware, but Post Malone reps Texas all day, everyday. Though he was born in Syracuse, N.Y., Posty re-located when his Dad got a job working for the Dallas Cowboys. And with Post Malone's tour coming to his home state of Texas this month, we should all probably brush up on his history before he gives his best show.

Austin Post (his real name) is kind of obsessed with the city of Dallas. He's often seen wearing Cowboys gear on his Instagram and has a tattoo of President John F. Kennedy. You might recall that JFK was shot in Dallas. It was Post's upbringing in Texas that grew that love and shaped him into a musician, and these facts led him to become the massive rapper that he is today. 

1. He moved to Dallas at a young age.

Post claims Texas as his home because he moved to Grapevine when he was just ten. Prior to that, he wasn't playing any music but was already influenced in different types of genres from his Dad's taste in music.

2. Post became a musician by picking up a guitar first.

"I moved to Dallas and I started making music. So, that's really it. And from then on I just started making what I like," Post told He began playing the guitar after being inspired by the Guitar Hero video game. He even auditioned for the Crown the Empire band in 2010, but got rejected.

3. He created his first mixtap while in high school.

At the age of 16, Austin put together his first mixtape called Young and After Them Riches. He shared it with his friends at Grapevine High School.

4. His classmates knew he'd be big one day.

Don't fret because Post ended up winning his 8th grade talent show with a metalcore cover of Rihanna's Umbrella. He was also voted "Most Likely to Become Famous" his senior year of high school.

5. He had a normal job.

When he wasn't dabbling in music, Post was working at Chicken Express and paying attention at school. Many describe him to have remained humble, and his upbringing in North Texas just might be why.

6. He dropped out of college in Fort Worth.

Though Post went to college at Tarrant County Community College, he ultimately decided that it wasn't for him, and dropped out to move to LA. If he hadn't, who knows where Austin's path might have led him. But with his decision to move out of Texas, came great success.

And just like that his journey continued to stardom. After moving out to LA, Post formed a band called BLCKVRD. But then he met 1st Down from FKi, who produced Post's track White Iverson. That garnered him attention and led him to signing with Republic Records.

If you ever have a chance to go see Post Malone live, do it! There's still tickets for his show in San Antonio on Oct. 9 and Houston on Nov. 5. According to his fans, it's a great time.