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Jaden Smith Shaved His Head On Stage In Dallas

You never know whats going to happen in the Metroplex. There are always tons of celebs hanging around the area for their own leisure and for their performances. This weekend Posty Fest was at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, and it was one for the books. One of the significant performers at Posty Fest was Jaden Smith, who absolutely stunned the crowd.

During the show, the rapper left everyone shook when he shaved his head mid-set. Audience members couldn't help but take to social media and tweet about it. While some people thought it was so awesome, others were left a little concerned.

The rapper is seen having the time of his life on stage with giant screens and fire all around him.

People were amazed and loved seeing Jaden be so unique and wild on stage for all of Texas to see. Many users were calling him an "icon".

Twitter user Erin_Makayyyla tweeted, "Jaden Smith shaved his head on stage & it was kind of really awesome." This seemed to be the way most people felt about the experience. The entire crowd was super hyped and couldn't help cheering him on.

Another user by the name of Megan_Moreno said, "Jaden Smith really shaved his head in the middle of performing at Posty Fest 😂😂#BrittanyMoment?" This, of course, is a reference to Brittany Spears shaving her head back in 2007.

It seemed like no matter what side of the normal or concerned debate you fell on; this was one of the highlights of the festival. So many awesome things happened during the fest, but Smith Shaving his head was 100% the most wild and unpredictable.

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