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Dallas-Fort Worth Has The Most Incredible 3-Story Tall Bookstore You Can Visit

Recycled Books and Records in Denton is too cute not to visit.

Local book stores are a dying breed but this store in Texas makes us want to stop by every day.  Recycled Books and Records is an incredible gem located in Denton. It is an incredible destination to find every and any type of book and it used to be an old opera house!

The book store is incredibly massive at three stories tall with tons of hidden rooms and hallways. Throughout the store, you will find chairs and couches where you can not only hang out and read a good book but also get that iconic instagram shot for your feed.

The store is filled with things you might not find anywhere else. Some visitors of the store have found signed copies of their favorite books just hanging on the shelf. Most of the books and vinyl are vintage but that doesn't mean you won't find new releases.  You will also find vintage treats like games and action figures that are rare finds nowadays but will leave you with nostalgic bliss.  

The bookstore was first an opera house made from the bricks of the original Denton courthouse. The opera house later turned into a movie theater and then a department store. In 1983 the opera house was finally transformed into a book store and has stayed that way ever since.

Aside from all the hidden rooms and halls, there are massive windows at the front of the store and you never know what your view might be. Sometimes it's just a nice street view but other times you might see massive beautiful murals made by local artists. 

The super awesome Recycled Books and Records bookstore is located at 200 N. Locust in Denton, Texas and is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. You need to stop by for the coolest time ever.