Taking a nice, long hike is the perfect way to clear your mind while staying active. Luckily, Texans have no shortage of trails to choose from in the Lone Star State, though there are more scenic ones than others. This Texas park has miles of trail that'll make you feel as though you've traveled to an entirely new state by the end of each one.

Sister Grove Park is located in Princeton, Texas which is just a short drive from Dallas.

The park has one main trail with four loops to go hiking along, including Puppy Loop, Safari Loop, Lake Loop, and Sister Loop.

Puppy Loop is 1.5 miles and considered to be the easiest of all four. So, if you're not quite ready to take them all on, this might be where you stop for the day.

Not only will you spot others walking the trail, but you'll probably run into bikers along the way as well.

Biking is a pretty popular activity here so if you have a bike of your own, there's no better place to break it in! if trails are muddy, the park will be closed and biking and hiking won't be permitted.

According to the park's website, you could stumble upon animals such as tortoises, birds, rabbits, and even someone else's dog.

That's right, dogs are more than welcome to accompany you during your day spent outdoors.

After all, they wouldn't name one of the loops "Puppy Loop" for nothing. 

There's even a lake nearby, so if you're looking to cool off after a long day of sweating, this is the place.

You can even take a kayak out on the water! This nature spot really does have it all.

Sister Grove Park

Price: Free

Address: 11110 Co Rd 562, Princeton, TX

Why You Need To Go: You'll have several trails to choose from and they're all perfect for biking, hiking, walking, and more.

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