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7 Bucket List Things To Do At Scarborough Renaissance Festival Next Month

Here is what you can expect at Scarborough Renaissance fair next month.

Dust off your corsets and swords because Scarbrough Renaissance Festival is back next month. While there will be tons of amazing things to do this year, here are seven things to knock off your bucket list during your visit this year:

Get Your Hair Braided

The festival has three hair braid stations throughout the festival. These braids can go from being simple three strands to more intricate five-strand braids. You can also add things like crowns, ribbons and flowers.

Find Some Of Their Photo Spots:

Scarborough is filled with plenty of photo spots. They have everything from thrones to large swords. You can also find characters running around such as half dragons who are always willing to take pictures with you especially if you're dressed up too.

Ride An Elephant:

If you're feeling a little on the wild side, you can take a ride on the elephants. Okay so, maybe riding elephants isn't the first thing you think of when someone says renaissance but its still pretty cool.

Visit Mermaid Lagoon:

Via Scarborough Renaissance Fair

At Scarborough, you have the chance to hang out with real-life mermaids. The mermaids are both swimming and on the shell thrones. The best part is that they are always selfie ready. The mermaids are there every day from 10:30 a.m. to noon, 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Cheer on your favorite knight:

Via Scarborough Renaissance Fair

Jousting is one of the more popular sports on this time period so of course, the renaissance fair wouldn't be complete without it. Before the show starts the audience is divided into two groups. The more they cheer the better their side does. The joust always burst into battle but you have to come back later in the day for the grand finale.

Buy Something Unique:

Scarborough Fair is a place where many artisans go to show off their skills. As you walk around you'll probably find things such as corsets, leather goods, and jewelry. You will also find things such as painting with animals dressed in renaissance area clothing.

Count How Many Jack Sparrows You See:

@didi_likes_disneyembedded via

Over the year the fair has seen more and more people dress up as their favorite Game of Thrones characters but the one character that always comes out on top is Jack Sparrow. If you so manage to take a picture you can say that was the day you finally caught him.

There are plenty more attractions at the fair including shops, wine tasting, and belly dancing. Tickets for the fair are anywhere from $24 to $30 for adults. The fair opens April 6 and runs through May 26.

For more information on the fair and all their activities, you can check out their website here.