Llamas are some of the cutest creatures around, and getting to hang out with them makes everything so much better. Shangri Llama near Dallas-Fort Worth lets you hang out with llamas all day and even walk them! The castle started out with only three llamas but has expanded greatly since then. Originally, people just wanted to go to hang out. but soon everyone got word and the phenomenon of chilling with llamas grew. 

All the llamas in the castle are "royalty" and have the cutest and funkiest names like "King of the Castle Barn Dalai Llama" and "Prince Barack O'Llama". There are now seven llamas in total that are always ready for some fun. Shangri Llama has several different activities including painting with llamas and llama parties.

The walks are said to be a magical adventure through the small woods on the property. The entire trip is about two and a half hours and you'll arrive at the gates of the stunning castle itself. Once you're there, everyone gets a chance to take a magical picture in from of the castle with their designated llama. The walks are $50 per person and you have to book them in advance to ensure your spot.

Keeping true to their origins, the castle still has llama lessons. The talks last about an hour and after you have learned all the amazing llama facts, you have the chance to hang out with for a while pet and take tons of pics with them. The lessons are usually only during the weekends and are just $20. This is the perfect spot to hit up if you're ever considering starting a llama farm, or if you just really want to hang out with the marvelous creatures without the smelly petting zoo setting.

Because the llamas and the castle are on private property, Shangri Llama asks you to make a reservation in order to get their address. For more information and to book your llama experience, you can visit their website here.