In Texas, you never know what you'll come across after leaving your home, especially if you live in a major city. For many, cruising down the streets of Dallas-Fort Worth anytime soon will mean being greeted by an actual stormtrooper, and it's something you have to see to believe. Star Wars fans in the Dallas area should prepare to meet a character from their favorite movies if they plan on leaving the house anytime soon. 

Rob Johnson, a member of the Richardson community in Dallas, has been patrolling his neighborhood streets dressed as a stormtrooper while holding up hilarious signs for those who pass him to read.

Johnson told NBC New York, "I noticed my neighborhood was very active outside so I thought it would be fun to walk around and wave to people, just to put smiles on people's faces."

It seems as though he's accomplished his mission. Who knew stormtroopers could be so nice?

Johnson posted on his Facebook a number of photos of himself in costumer with signs that read "Good guys wear masks," "I miss people," and "Have you seen my droid TP4U?"

Since Saturday, April 18 the post has gained over three thousand likes, seventeen thousand shares, and nearly one thousand comments from adoring fans.

If you don't live in or near Dallas, we're sure you wish you did right about now.

"Troops aren't happening for the foreseeable future but I couldn't wait any longer. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there," Johnson captioned his post.

By "troops" Johnson means the international Star Wars costuming group, 501st Legion, that he's apart of.

He even has "Stormtrooper at The Star Garrison of the 501st Legion" under his intro on Facebook.

In the video above, you can see Johnson dressed as a stormtrooper waving and greeting cars that are passing by.

He's typically located at the intersection of Custer Road and West Campbell Road in Richardson.

Johnson has even updated his Facebook profile picture to be of a stormtrooper. You can see that he kept a real image of himself, as well as his family, as his header.

Hopefully you're lucky enough to run into him (from a safe distance) soon!