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Texas Police Arrested The Woman Who Claimed To Be Purposefully Spreading COVID-19

She was charged with making a terroristic threat.

Texans, like many, are able to stay up-to-date on the number of COVID-19 cases in their area, whether that be through the news, social media, or any number of reputable sources. Thanks to local law enforcement, we can also get the latest on those not taking the current pandemic seriously and, as a result, putting people's lives at risk. Texas police arrested a woman claiming to be COVID-19 positive who was purposefully spreading it and has since been charged. 

The Carrollton Police Department announced in a news release that 18-year-old Lorraine Maradiaga had been arrested Tuesday morning and charged with making a "terroristic threat."

Maradiaga's bail was set at $20,000 before being transferred to the Denton County Jail.

Yuliana Redican posted a series of screen recordings from Maradiaga's social media accounts where she's claiming to be COVID-19 positive and explains that she plains to purposefully spread it.

"So I just got the COVID-19 test done on me, I am waiting for the results," said Maradiaga in one video.

In another short clip, someone can be heard asking the teenager where she'll be going, to which she replies "home."

Maradiaga then posts a video of herself saying, "I'm here at Walmart about to infect every motherf***er because if I'm going down, all of you are going down with me."

Once Carrollton Police caught wind of this, they quickly took to Facebook to ask anyone who has information on Maradiaga's whereabouts to contact them immediately. 

Upon release, she'll be required to quarantine for 21 days as a precaution.

There have been a number of cases of individuals putting others at risk and posting it up to social media.

Another Texas resident was also recently arrested for purposefully coughing in a police officer's face and claiming he had COVID-19. Grapevine police charged him with Harassment of a Public Servant.

Texas police are making it known to the public that they will be taking COVID-19 claims and threats seriously during this pandemic, as we can see with these recent arrests.

These actions can lead to their arrest and serious charges. In this case, a terrorist threat is a third-degree felony in Texas.