Dallas Is Having A Tasty Vegetarian Fair This November

There's no beef here!
Texas Veggie Fest In Dallas Is Vegan Friendly

It's pretty hard out here for a vegetarian. With the likes of BBQ here in Texas, the options are very limited for non-meat items. Sometimes it's but only one side on an entire menu, and even then it's a boring salad. Dallas took notice of this problem and created the Texas Veggie Fair for all the vegetarians out there. This November 2, the festival will be in its new location at the Dallas Farmers Market.

You'll be able to attend the event for free so all you have to worry about is bringing cash for all those yummy, veg treats. This annual event is not only the largest veg fest in Texas, but full vegan too! Some of the vendors include Fineapple Vegan, Down To Earth Vegan Kitch, and El Palote Panadera. There's plenty more on the roster. 

To add to all of the fun there will be live music, guest speakers, and tons of great games. You'll also be able to walk through a vendor's ally where you will find cruelty-free products.

Dogs are welcome to join in the fun, but they will only be allowed on the farmer's market side of the event. The farmers market will continue with business as usual, so stop by for some fresh finds but keep in mind that not everything on farmers' market side is vegan-friendly. 

You'll have plenty of time to try everything at the event since it will run from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Dallas Farmers Market is located at 920 S Harwood Street, Dallas, TX 75201. For more information on where all of this delicious food is coming from, check out the Texas Veggie offical website here.

If you can't make it, Houston is having an all vegan state fair this October!

Texas Veggie Fair

Price: Free

When: November 2

Address: 920 S Harwood St., Dallas, TX 75201

Why You Need To Go: The fun event will feature tons of mouthwatering, vegan-friendly food and products. 

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