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Apparently North Texas May See Snow Tonight & Texans Are Not Having It

It's beginning to look a lot like winter.
Apparently North Texas May See Snow Tonight & Texans Are Not Having It

This year, Texas has been seeing some pretty strange weather. Whether it's global climate change or not, Texans are getting fed up with the constantly changing weather that makes it hard to choose an outfit for the day. North Texas' dropping temperatures may result in snow tonight and people are just confused.

The first Texas snow of late 2019 happened extra early this year on October 24, bringing 4 to six inches of snow to the Panhandle. 

This came soon after storms, tornadoes, and twisters all attacked Dallas, thankfully resulting in no lives taken but plenty of destruction.

Now the weather predictions for this week include the possibility of snow in North Texas and near-freezing temperatures around the Dallas area.

Some Texans are getting sick of the violently changing weather, with sunny 70 degrees in the day time and chilly 40s in the night, and they are voicing their opinions on Twitter.

Twitter user Ashley Perry used a very accurate gif of Ryan Reynolds to express how Texans are feeling about the radically changing temperatures this season. We honestly have no clue what to expect tonight with this weather.

WFAA predicts the snow may fall but won't be able to stick onto surfaces so now chances of icy roads or travel problems will occur.

Some people on Twitter like Kate Morrison simply don't believe the forecast will include snow since the rapid changes in temperature is a typical sight to see in the Southern state.

She states that the local news channels are just getting her hopes up. We hope that's not true so we can all enjoy the snow!

Some Texans on Twitter like Tammy are more than ready for a white winter. Being in the Panhandle definitely helps with getting cold weather, being at the top of the state.

Though some weather reports disagree with it being a wet winter this year, we still have hope that the wild Texas forecasts will change last minute and give us the chance to build a snowman.

Twitter user Webster Artistry by Liz gave a big reminder to everyone that almost exactly two years ago, a massive sheet of thick snow was dropped over the entirety of Texas.

That gives us hope that this could happen again, especially since it's so close to the same date! 

Though not all Texans may agree with us, we are eager with open arms for a good Texas snow this year, and can't wait to see what happens tonight!

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