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A Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Shop Is Coming To Dallas Next Month

The perfect duo: Ice cream and cookies.
A Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Shop Is Coming To Dallas Next Month

With summer right around the corner, it's the perfect time to start drooling over what delicious snacks you'll get to eat in the hot sun. There so many mouth-watering options to choose from, including the greatest invention known to man, the ice cream sandwich. A Californian ice cream chain decided to take the combination to the next level and make them bigger and better than ever. Dallas is opening The Baked Bear this March, and it's home to some of the biggest ice cream sandwiches ever.

The ice cream shop began in California and has expanded into Texas with 5 different locations. One of the more recent ones opening in San Antonio, Texas at the La Cantera Mall.

Since the Dallas Location will be first of many new establishments in the Berkshire Hathaway complex, The Baked Bear will definitely set the tone for the upcoming eateries that will open in the coming years.

How the assembling process works is, you first choose your preferred flavor of cookie.

The menu contains many drool-worthy cookie flavors like Gooey Butter Cake and Sea Salt Peanut Butter.

If you wanted to keep it more simple and sweet, they do have Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Chip and good ol' Sugar cookies.

Next, you choose the flavor of ice cream you want.

The menu contains many of the go-to, traditional flavors like Old Fashioned Vanilla and Cookies & Cream.

However, there are also more vibrant, fun flavors such as their exclusive Bear Batter and Blackberry Crumble.

Lastly, you can choose to add toppings like a thick layer of hot fudge or caramel in between the layers or some almonds for more texture.

Finally, you put it all together and you have a massive ice cream sandwich for you and your friends to share.

Or... you can eat it all by yourself.

The opening date hasn't been announced yet but they are anticipating to open mid-March. Keep an eye on The Baked Bear's website for more details.

The Baked Bear

Price: đź’¸

Cuisine: Sweets & Treats 

Address: 5752 Grandscape Blvd., Suite 110. The Colony, TX

Why You Need To Go: Who doesn't love a gooey, delicious, massive ice cream sandwich every once in a while? In an area that will begin to develop more eateries that will make your tastebuds sing, you can't go wrong with this dessert spot.

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