The sweetest new dessert spot has opened its doors in Frisco and it is not your average ice cream and dessert parlor. The new crazy dessert shop Churroholic has entered Dallas and is serving up its incredible flavors for all to enjoy. If you are craving the heavenly flavors of churros, fruity pebbles, ice cream, and more, you need to check this place out.

Churroholic is famous for its incredible churros and brewed coffee. The churros you can get at this shop are far different from any other. They have the most insane creations from chocolate and cereal coated churros to ice cream churro sandwiches. Your sweet tooth is about to be satisfied with all of their heavenly treats.

The bakers at Churroholic are constantly serving out the freshest churros so guests can have their treats melty and hot or freshly cooled with chocolate and toppings. They have the famous classic churros and even chocolate ones! They also serve freshly brewed coffee with a variety of classic favorite flavors so you can have a nice sip while enjoying your tasty treats.

They also serve up an assortment of other sweet goodies at their shops, from matcha tea to yummy blended smoothies to churro sundaes loaded with toppings. Try one of their fresh strawberry smoothies or a divine coffee float!

Their variety of crazy churro flavors are perfect for anyone's Instagram since they just look so darn good! Take one or ten photos of your gorgeous churro masterpiece and make all of your followers jealous.

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Their wonderful churros go for $4-$5 each, $7 for their instagrammable churro ice cream cup and $3-$7 for their flavored coffees, milkshakes, and smoothies. 

The new Churroholic is located at 9144 Prestmont Place, Frisco, Texas. Be sure to check it out!