The Dallas Cowboys Are Having A Massive Field Party Before Next Month's Home Game

Just don't try to bring your black cat.
The Dallas Cowboys' Are Having A Rally Day Next Month

When it comes to fans, Dallas has some pretty dedicated people on their side. Though the Cowboys fans are all spread throughout the state, this season, they can come together to cheer the team on before their big home game. The Dallas Cowboys' are having a rally day on December 14, and it is going to be a blast.

The day will be filled with tons of fun and activities that you won't want to miss. You'll be able to run out on the field and test your own football skills. The area will let you play the same way the boys do just before a big game.

You'll be able to meet former players of the team and the incredible Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. You might even be able to score an autograph from them while you're there.

When visiting, you'll be able to see the cheer team's locker room and the football team's locker rooms.

If all that wasn't enough to thrill you, you can also get a tour behind the scenes of the stadium and the postgame interview room. There will be tons of games and inflatables spread throughout the stadium for fun every second you're there.

Tickets to this rally event are on sale now, and we suggest getting yours as soon as possible. The home game will be the following day on December 15 against the Rams.

For more Dallas Cowboys fun, check out this wild Cowboys Christmas event. You can also see the meme that's taken over Cowboynation, which may or may not include Dak Prescott dancing to all your favorite songs.

Dallas Cowboy Rally Days

Price: $25 - $35

When: December 14

Address: 1 AT&T Way, Arlington, Texas

Why You Need To Go: You can cheer on the team while having tons of fun right before their home game.

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