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A Giant Mimosa 'Fest' Is Coming To Dallas Next Month With Endless Bubbles

Orange you glad you heard about this?
A Giant Mimosa 'Fest' Is Coming To Dallas Next Month With Endless Bubbles

Truly one of the greatest drinks of all time is the mimosa. It's got the freshness of a classic glass of orange juice plus the added bubbles of a tasty champagne. It's perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and even dinner, if you're down for that! A giant mimosa crawl in Dallas will bring endless bubbly goodness this January 26 and we cannot wait for it.

The incredible mimosa crawl is basically just multiple bars and venues linking up to serve tons of mimosas for all of the brunch lovers out there.

The event lasts from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. to make sure that everyone who wants a glass of OJ and champagne can have 10 of them.

The mimosa crawl will feature multiple venues all serving up delicious mimosas and other fruity cocktails at super discounted prices, plus guests can snag some free giveaways and orangey swag. 

Some venues participating in the event will be Harwood Tavern, Iron Cactus, Wild Salsa, and Elm Street Cask and Kitchen. All Dallas favorites!

Though the event lasts all day, you have to stop by to register from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Tickets to the event are currently on sale, and you can grab a general admission pass for only $19.99. Buying group tickets scores you mega discounts, so get ready to Venmo your friends as they buy a four-pack of tickets for only $60. That's like getting a free ticket!

Then it's time to knock back as many heavenly mimosas as you possibly can. It's made with orange juice, which means it's totally good for you. 

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Mimosa Crawl Dallas

Price: $19.99 a person

Cuisine: Mimosas

Address: Multiple venues in Downtown Dallas, Texas

Why You Need To Go: Who wouldn't want to spend their entire brunch time sipping on endless fruity mimosas? It's the best excuse to get tipsy on the weekends.

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