If you've always wanted to stay late at the museum and nerd about everything in the universe, you're in luck because the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is having a moonwalk celebration July 19th. The event offers and out of this world experience with experts and hands-on activities that will make you feel like an astronaut.

Guests of the event will be able to see space-themed short films throughout the night. You also get a chance to sit in a Lockheed Martin F-35 Cockpit simulator that will test your piolet skills. There will be a glowing 'moon' on the ceiling that will bring you as close to the moon as you could possibly get without working at NASA.

To celebrate the moon landing's 50th anniversary, the museum is offering guests an opportunity to sit at a console straight from the control room at Johnson Space Center. Because it is a moon celebration, the museum will have a teacher there to help you learn how to moonwalk. An event this awesome is surely worthy enough of your next Insta post and they will have photobooths set up for you to use.

The celebration will be from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and is a 21+ event since there will be plenty of themed drinks to go around. Tickets are on sale for $20 or you can purchase the $30 VIP ticket which comes with a social hour.

Fort Worth Museum Of Science And History is located at 1600 Gendy St, Fort Worth, TX 76107. For more information on the event and to purchase your tickets, you can visit their Facebook event page.

Moonwalk at Fort Worth Museum Of Science And History

Price: $20 - $30

Address: 1600 Gendy St, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Why you need to go: The event will be out of this world and lets people experience what it would be like to be an astronaut while having drinks and tons of fun.


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