The Most Magical Aquarium Fest Is Finally Coming To Texas Next Month

Aquashella is coming to Dallas in March.
The Most Magical Aquarium Fest Is Finally Coming To Texas Next Month

If you've ever wanted to experience an underwater adventure get ready because the popular Chicago aquarium festival Aquashella is coming to Dallas in March. 

The festival will be two days long, March 30 and 31, at Grand Place in Fair Park. The event will go from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. so you'll have plenty of time to see all the different things the event has to offer.  Tickets for general admission are $21 but if you can't miss a day of this awesome event you can also buy a weekend pass for $75.

During those two days, visitors will have a chance to see both salt and freshwater creatures. They will also have a special section where you can see mermaids. There will be lots of different types of coral and vendors will also participate so you can take a little piece of Aquashella home with you. 

Apart from all the of all of your fish friends you will also be able to experience the Amazon room. The room features snakes, reptiles and of course amazonian fish. 

All tickets include a pair of ultraviolet glasses so that you can experience all the neon colored fun the festival has to offer. There will also be two speakers, Joey Mullen on Saturday and Cory McElroy on Sunday to talk about all stuff aquarium related. 

For added fun, there will be two contest both taking place on Saturday. One is The American Shrimp Contest where you can see local shrimp breeders decide whos shrimp is the best. 

Likewise, the second contest is the first-ever flowerhorn show in Texas. Think dog show but with fish. 

The Festivals native town is Chicago where it occurs annually. This is the first time the festival comes to Dallas and the stop will be before their big festival in Chicago. 

Find more information about this event here. 

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