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Dallas Just Got Its Own 'Leaning Tower Of Pisa' & Locals Are Loving It

Looks like Italy has some competition.

The demolition of an 11-story tower in downtown Dallas didn't go as one would have hoped. The tower was recently imploded with the intention of being completely destroyed for new development. However, the stubborn tower decided not to listen to the laws of gravity and it simply leaned over until... it stopped. This happy accident has now become one of Dallas' unofficial landmarks, known as The Leaning Tower of Dallas.

The social media community has gone nuts about the new "landmark" and have found every opportunity to take fun pictures with the tower.

Under the hashtag #leaningtowerofdallas, you'll see slews of photos of people posing in creative ways to straighten the tower back to its original state.

If you go to the grassy area in between the landmark and North Carroll Avenue, you'll find the perfect angle to photograph with the tower.

Some of the most popular poses are holding it up with your hand, facing towards it to push it with your hands, or pushing up against it with your back.

Put your self-timer to work or bring a friend to capture the best shots!

People are loving the tower so much, they're even trying to petition it to stay as it is.

The tweet above displays a link that will lead you to a petition signed by over 950 people, and the signatures keep increasing every second.

Unfortunately, though, developers have already made plans to demolish it completely within the next coming weeks.

In its place, there will be a variety of new establishments, including hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

The development projects anticipate completion by 2022.

Although it will be short-lived, this was an odd, yet interesting way to bring the Dallas community together.

Since the monument will only be up for a limited time, go grab your selfies with the iconic leaning tower while you can.