Undeniably one of the best fruits in the world is the iconic peach. They can be served almost any way and still taste absolutely delicious. Luckily, Texas tastebuds are finally going to experience one of the best peach pop-ups the world has ever seen. The Peach Truck originated straight from Nashville and is touring through Texas this summer!

Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio are just some of the major cities The Peach truck will be touring through, starting in June. However, many smaller cities will be visited as well. Plano, Cibolo, and Seguin are among the list for this June. Their website features the option to add the date their coming to your city in your calendar, as well as send you a reminder when they're there! They've really thought of everything.

The Peach Truck is famous for many reasons, and possibly the biggest one is the variety of ways you can eat their delicious fruit. Their fresh Georgia peaches are sold by the 1/2 bushel, or 25 lb. box. You can bake, can, or freeze them but there's no denying eating them is the best part! They even have a cookbook available for purchase on their website, that can teach you some of the best ways to consume their peaches.

If for some reason The Peach Truck isn't coming to a city near you, don't worry, they ship their famous peaches nationwide! Their gift box comes with 13 of their best peaches for only $42. They only ship during peach season to ensure you get the freshest peaches possible, which is now! Don't wait, take advantage of the summertime and devour the tastiest peaches ever. 

For a full list of every state and city The Peach Truck is touring this summer, visit their website here.