We're all pretty used to seeing surveys regarding the cities we live in, whether it's about traffic, real estate, or job availability. What we're not so used to is seeing surveys regarding the personality of the people we interact with each and every day. A recent survey revealed the rudest Texas city and depending on where you're from, you may or may not expect the result! 

Dallas, Texas was revealed to be the rudest Texas city, according to a survey conducted by Business Insider.

This survey showed us where each major Texas city ranked as far as rudeness goes, but there was just no way for Dallas to escape first place.

This could be for a number of reasons, but we'll go ahead and tell you the top two.

Stereotypes and sports rivalries are listed as the two major reasons for listing Dallas as No. 1 in Texas, and No. 14 overall in the country.

Seeing as how Dallas has none other than the Dallas Cowboys, we're not surprised by that insight. 

The team has plenty of controversy under its belt and the fans are pretty diehard.

As far as stereotypes go, I guess you have to be from the city to truly understand. 

Taking second place out of Texas cities, Austin ranked at No. 16 in the country, which is just two places behind Dallas' No. 14 spot.

We're not surprised Austin was so close to Dallas in this survey, their slogan is Keep Austin Weird for a reason.

Houston landed third place for Texas and 18th place for the nation. That traffic road rage must be really getting to people.

San Antonio came in fourth place at No. 38 nationwide, so they should be feeling pretty good about themselves right about now.

With three major Texas cities in the top 20, I'd say the Lone Star State needs to start practicing some meditation techniques.

Overall, New York City ranked No. 1 as the rudest city in all of America.

Stereotypes definitely played a role in that one!

Whichever Texas city you're from, there's no denying we all have a lot of pride being from this beautiful state.

Who knows, maybe Austin will take the No. 1 spot in Texas next time around.

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