We are so used to seeing little critters around Texas neighborhoods, from squirrels scavaging to nuts to birds hunting for worms. The typical little animals can be spotted all over Texas cities, and it's even not too uncommon to spot a deer wandering around green spots. But have you ever seen a beaver crossing the road in Dallas? Because we haven't!

Amid the closures of most of Dallas' businesses and with the "stay at home" order on the big city, people are staying home and are leaving the town to sit in silence.

The city looks like a ghost town a times, with no one outdoors, no stores open, no heavy traffic and no people in suits headed to work. 

Because of the total silence in the city, local animals besides the typical squirrels and birds are starting to come out, including beavers!

A video sent into NBCDFW shows a beaver crossing the road in a Dallas apartment village... and he even used the crosswalk!

The beaver is casually strolling along, minding his own business, heading over to the greenery and lake on the other side of the street.

You can check out the adorable video right here.

The beaver population around the Dallas area is actually doing well and you could try to spot the furry animal around rivers and lakes. Don't try to pet them, though!

Texas is no stranger to beavers, they live along many wooded rivers, lakes, and streams in the state, but we never really see them inside neighborhoods or apartment complexes!

The most beavers in Texas are found in the northeastern part of the state, given why Dallas is the city with most of them.

Though beaver spottings in the city aren't very common, there have been some adorable spottings near the woodlands and near nature spots.

This other cute video shows a motorist helping a beaver cross the street with a giant stick in his mouth.

We wish all of the luck to that little beaver and his street-crossing endeavors. We shall see what kinds of lesser-seen animals will come out of the woods next!