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Some Of Texas' Best Tacos Are Hidden At This Unlikely Spot In Dallas

Come to fill your tank, stay for the tacos.

It is an unquestionable truth that Texans are die-hard taco lovers. Therefore, the Lone Star State is home to an immense variety of these tortilla-wrapped goodies, and we love them all, from high-end gourmet tacos to homemade street-style ones. You can also find your favorite Mexican dish in the most unexpected places. For example, this Dallas gas station serves mouthwatering tacos 24/7, and it's the most convenient thing ever.

If you need to fill your tank in Dallas, you can deliciously do so at Fuel City, where you can munch tacos at any time of the day or night (including breakfast ones), along with other Mexican treats such as quesadillas, burritos, and corn in a cup. 

All of their regular tacos including beef, chicken, picadillo, barbacoa, and pastor, are served on your choice of flour or corn tortilla and sprinkled with diced onions, cilantro, and sliced lime.

You can choose from a variety of sauces to eat them with, and if you like grilled jalapenos and onions on your taco, you can have some upon request. Yum!

Fuel City tacos received notoriety for the first time in 2006 when a piece in Texas Monthly ranked their picadillo taco No. 1 in Texas.

From there, the tacos' popularity escalated, and the spot is still among many Dallasite's favorites.

There's no doubt that pumping gas is more fun when tacos are involved. However, the food is not the only beautiful thing about Fuel City. 

The gas station opened its doors in Dallas in 1999 with some pretty odd attractions, including live donkeys and longhorns, and a swimming pool.

They also offer some of the lowest gas prices around, and they have a car wash. There's no question as to why they became famous in the first place. 

After their successful debut, Fuel City opened a second location in 2015, this time in Mesquite. That one was followed by another one in Haltom City, and recently another in Saginaw. 

The highlight of their menu is the delicious tacos, but they also offer other tasty fried food options to savor.

You can munch on fresh, homemade sweet and savory fried pies or a burger with hand-cut french fries and your choice of strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla milkshake.

Is your gas tank suddenly empty too?

Fuel City

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 801 S. Riverfront Blvd., Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: This gas station in Dallas serves delicious tacos 24/7 along with other Mexican delights, fried pies, and burgers.