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You Can Find A Hidden Movie Theater In This Abandoned Dallas Mall

You can have the entire mall to yourself!

Going to the movies is always tons of fun. You hang out, get some popcorn, and of course, see all your favorite stars on the big screen. This hidden movie theater in Dallas has to be the most unique one. AMC 16 is not your run-of-the-mill AMC movie theater because it is located inside an abandoned, half-demolished mall. 

You'll get to go through one of the mall's entrances, which may or may not be lit depending on which one you go through. Most of the mall does not have power anymore so you might need to use your cellphone flashlight to make it to the theater. There is a set of stairs and a non-working escalator that you have to make your way up on before reaching the theater.

While the rest of the mall doesn't have any power, the movie theater is all decked out. You'll have access to a full concession stand and AC or heat depending on the time of year. AMC 16 shows all the latest movies and since it's inside, abandoned mall tickets tend to be slightly cheaper than those of a regular movie theater. 

Tickets to any of their movies generally start at around $6 and you do get to choose your own seats when purchasing your tickets. Once you're done watching the latest trending movie at this creepy abandoned mall, you should definitely check out this amazing Horror Convention coming to the Metroplex. 

AMC 16 is located inside the now abandoned Valley View Mall 13331 Preston Rd. #2300, Dallas, TX 75240. For showtimes and more information, you can visit the website here.

AMC 16

Price: $6

Address: Valley View Mall 13331 Preston Rd. #2300, Dallas, TX 75240

Why You Need To Go: You can watch movies at this abandoned theater for super cheap.