This Super Short Trail In Dallas Has Breathtaking Overlooks & Beautiful Greenery

Better weather, here we come.
This Hiking Trail In Dallas Is Extreamly Beautiful

Dallas has tons of ares where you get views of both the city and of nature. One of the best places to get a taste of both is Piedmont Ridge Trail. The trail is short but boy does it have the most rewarding view! Piedmont Ridge Trail is free to explore, and it's officially fall so grab your bestie for a fall hike.

At every top point of the hike, there is a breathtaking view where you'll see the tippy top of all the trees and (Texas weather permitting) the city skyline. The short, one-mile hike is definitely rewarding and super easy to navigate. If you happen to get tired, there are plenty of benches to catch your breath. Most of them are even made from the trees, themselves!

The trail is open at all hours of the day, but as always we advise you to exercise caution when going at night. There is a little bit of a walk from the parking lot to the actual trail, but that should not take away from the beauty of it all. Did we mention, it's dog-friendly too?

Piedmont Ridge is located at 2400 N Jim Miller Road, Dallas, TX 75227. For more information on the trail, check out the website here.

And if you're looking for more hiking fun, even something more challenging, there's plenty of that in North Texas.

Piedmont Ridge Trail

Price: Free

Address: 2400 N Jim Miller Rd., Dallas, TX 75227

Why You Need To Go: This short trail is an easy fall hike, with beautiful views.