This Retro Vinyl Record Store In Dallas Is Actually A Full Bar

They'll bring the music and the beers
This Retro Vinyl Record Store In Dallas Is Actually A Full Bar

Vinyl records are making a comeback but with so many streaming services so readily available to us, it might be hard to remember where the best record stores are. There is a record store in Dallas that knows how to keep the vintage party very much alive. Off the Record is a record store fused with a bar in Dallas that doesn't only have tons of great music but also tons of great boozy drinks. 

Off The Record has the coolest old school records but that doesn't mean you won't find new albums on there too. The shop has a wide selection of music so there is something for everyone. Often, the shop has tons of events and at times turns into a full-blown party. During their events, you can not only check out the records but listen to them right there too.

There is a dance floor in the shop and at times there are even themed nights. You'll find around 24 different types of beers from both local and international brewers at their tasty bar. Drinks start at around $5 and with 2,000 records to choose from, this record shop can't be beaten. 

You can stop by the record store from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. any day of the week. They have tons of events this month so you can feel free to check them out. Once you're done checking out this amazing bar you can stop by The Wild Detectives which is a book store and a bar. 

Off The Record is located at 2716 Elm St. Dallas, Texas. For more information on this bar and to see all of their cool events, you can visit their Facebook page here. 

Off The Record

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Drinks

Address: 2716 Elm St., Dallas, Texas

Why You Need To Go: This vinyl store is actually a super awesome bar with 24 different types of beers and 2,000 records.