Normally when you think of orchards you think of apple picking, but this is Texas where things need to be a little different. If you're looking for unique places near Dallas to drag your friends out to, you need to check out the Chairy Orchard in Denton. Unlike other orchards, this one is open year-round and has a chair fit for every king and queen (literally).

Open the full 24 hours, daily, this whimsical orchard has just about every type of chair you could possibly think of. It's basically a museum of just chairs and chair art. Hammocks to rocking chairs, there's possibly every chair you could name.

According to Discover Denton, the orchard started as one tree. It was supposed to be a light-hearted joke but soon the word spread and more people started bringing their chairs. Guests will find over 100 types of chairs and become a hidden gem for photo enthusiats. With so many chairs around you'll feel like you've been transported to another world. Grab a seat and enjoy a nice lunch out.

The Chairy Orchard is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no entry fee so feel free to just walk in any time of the day to take amazing pics. If you happen to be a fan of hidden gems like this one, you should also check out this park in the middle Dallas. The park is next to Crystal Court.

The Chairy Orchard is located at 1426 Churchill Dr, Denton, TX 76209. For more information on this awesome location, you can visit the website here.

The Chairy Orchard

Price: Free

Address: 1426 Churchill Dr, Denton, TX 76209

Why You Need To Go: This whimsical place in Dallas has tons of chairs, everything from hammocks to rocking chairs, and is totally free to check out.