When you think of amazing places to stay, a sheep wagon might not be the first thing that comes to mind but Texas really does have everything so here is your chance to sleep in a place that you've probably never considered. This metal sheep wagon Airbnb in Bluff Dale, Texas is a crazy unique getaway for anyone who just really doesn't want to stay somewhere ordinary. 

The wagon is cute and small so there is only enough room for two people. The entire place is built on rustic ideals so there is no wifi or running water just like in the before times. To make the glamping experience a little more like a camping experience, there is no shower but thankfully there is a bathroom. The space has a double bed and a pull-out table/ bench combo. There is a burner stove inside the tiny house that you can use to whip up some dinner.

While there is a/c and heat inside the tiny house, outside is just as nice. There is a picnic table where guests can hang out on and the trees are covered in twinkling lights. The tiny home is on a working ranch so you might run into a few cows, chickens, deer, and even a turkey! Plus, you can hang out with the multiple ranch dogs that will be eager to greet you to their home.

Staying at this two-person tiny home is just $51 a night, and for two people that's only $25.50! There are several spots available for summer but as always we suggest you book in advance.

To book your stay at this awesome North Texas sheep wagon or for more information on the place, you can visit their website here.

Head on back to the days of the Wild West and immerse yourself into some deep Texan ranch culture at this awesome sheepwagon airbnb on a fantastic ranch.

Sheep Wagon Airbnb

Price Per Night: $51

Address or Neighborhood: Bluff Dale, Texas

Why you need to go: This tiny home gives visitors a chance to experience something very unique. The sheep wagon is very old school and comes with only the necessities. 

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