This Secret Bookcase Door Leads To A Hidden Underground Speakeasy In Fort Worth

Do you know the password?
This Secret Bookcase Door Leads To A Hidden Underground Speakeasy In Fort Worth

We are most definitely not in the prohibition era anymore but there is something about the secret bars of that time that still fills us with excitement. The best part of today is that you can still go to these speakeasies where now it's totally legal to have a drink. One of the coolest speakeasies in the Mextorplex is probably Thompson's Bookstore. The bar requires a password to get in and it's hidden behind a secret bookshelf door!

The first floor is a bar on its own that is open to the public. The secret speakeasy, however, is located in the basement indicated with a colored light. You'll feel like you're really in the 20s with all of their art deco inspired decor. Drinks are always changing but some of their more famous drinks include the myth of Persephone, Grapes of Wrath, and Breakfast of Champions. Their creations are often adorned with things like Cinnamon Toast Crunch but they also have your regular favorites like old fashions. 

On social media, the speakeasy is often referred to as the RX and their symbol is a cocktail twist on the traditional medical symbol. You can find the password of the night on their Facebook page, but you might have to do some reading to reveal the password, as it is often under a lengthy post. 

The bar and speakeasy are open every day of the week from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. We highly suggest you check their social media outlets before heading out as they do close for private events. 

Thompson's Bookstore is located at 900 Houston St Fort Worth, Texas. For more information on the bar, you can visit their website here.

Thompson's Bookstore

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Drinks

Address: 900 Houston St., Fort Worth, Texas

Why You Need To Go: This speakeasy requires you to know the password before trying to enter. They have awesome drinks with funky names and will take you back to the 20s.