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Highland Village Is Getting A Brand New Famous Cookie Delivery Spot Next Month

Food is always great but the only thing better is having it delivered to your door. Fortunately for us, there will be a new cookie delivery service to make all of our lives a little sweeter. The famous Tiff's Treats is opening a new shop in Highland Village that will make all your cookie dreams come true.

The shop will open on July 6th. Visitors will be able to enjoy everything from cookies to frozen treats. Some of their more popular snacks include M&M cookies and their "Tiffwich". The Tiffwich is an ice cream sandwich with delicious ice cream served in between two of their famously delicious cookies. They also offer a variety of drinks like cold Starbucks drinks and cookies favorite beverage - milk. If all those treats are just not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can also order a pint of ice cream and the best triple layer brownies around. 

The new shop is not the first in the Dallas metroplex, but it is the first in the Highland Village area. Tiff's Treats will be located at 4131 Deer Creek. Other locations are open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and expect this one to be no different. No matter what size your party is, they are sure to have something for you. Tiffs offer both big and small party packs so no matter how many people you have over, everyone can have a treat.

Like their other locations, you will be able to order online as well as over the phone or in store. Prices start at just $5 for 2 gourmet cookies and work their way up depending on what you order and how far you are from the shop. Whatever you chose, these amazingly yummy treats are a must have.

For more information on Tiff's Treats, including their full menu, you can visit their website here.

Tiff Treats

Price: đź’¸

Cuisine: Cookies and Snacks

Address: 4131 Deer Creek #115 Highland Village, TX 75077

Why you need to go: You can get amazing cookies delivered to your door or in the shop including ice cream sandwiches and drinks.


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