You either hate or love the Dallas Cowboys, and in Tom Brady's case, he sides with the former. The New England Patriots quarterback revealed that from a very early age he's not liked the Cowboys, but what surprised us was just how early he meant!

According to ESPN, Tom Brady claimed that his dislike for the Dallas Cowboys started the moment "since coming out of the womb." 

This Sunday, November 24, NFL fans can expect an intense game between the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys. 

As if these teams being rivals wasn't enough, now the quarterback for the Patriots has spilled some piping hot tea that is sure to sting when Cowboys players get a whiff of it. 

It'll be interesting to see how the Dallas Cowboys respond to Brady's teasing comment.

To our surprise yet again, Brady actually had plenty of nice things to say about the Dallas football team.

The Patriots star revealed that he has immense respect for the Cowboys, which stems from the many great players the team has had over the years.

He was quoted as saying Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman were just some of the many former Cowboys players he has enjoyed watching over the years. He topped off his compliments to the team saying the team has a "history of great players..."

If we're looking back in time, Brady has actually only faced the Cowboys four times in his career!

Unfortunately, he's 4-0 up until now. Though, Sunday could change things for his record.

The Sunday NFL games before Thanksgiving are always enjoyable to watch, regardless of if you follow football or not. 

Regardless of what Brady had to say about the team yesterday, loyal Cowboys fans will be cheering the Dallas team this Sunday no matter what!

They may not be able to win every single game, but they've been winning their fans' hearts since the very beginning.

If you're a mega Cowboys fan, be sure to check out the team's rally day they will be hosting on the actual Cowboys home game field next month.

Or spend too much time watching all of Dak Prescott's hilarious memes following his pre-game workout dance.