Speakeasies are hard to come by for a reason. The hidden bars are often behind a secret wall or through random doors in the city. They're often hiding in a plain looking area, trying to not draw any attention to themselves until you can find them. Truth and Alibi is a speakeasy in Dallas that hides behind doors that are anything but plain. 

The speakeasy hides behind a wonderful candy store. The store is in plain sight and we wouldn't be surprised if you saw it and decided to see what was inside. The candy store front is a actual running store that you can walk into any day of the week and buy spacialty sodas and delicious candies you might not be able to find anywhere else. But the real special surprise is what is in the back of the store.

Don't be fooled by the cool retro exterior, on any given weekend there will be a bouncer at the back wall of the sweet shop waiting to see if you know this weeks password so you can enter the coolest bar in town. 

Inside the bar, you will find oversized chairs and gorgeous glittering chandeliers. The bar has signature beloved cocktails including their most ordered Lies & Secrets, The 12 AM Alibi and Bramble In The Barrel. 

Even though they change the passcode to get in every week, the bar doesn't make it too hard to figure it out as they announce the new password on their Facebook page just before the weekend begins.  They do have age restrictions being that all female visitors must be 21+ and all male visitors must be 24+. The bar is open Thursday through Saturday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. and is closed the rest of the week. 

The Truth and Alibi Speakeasy is located at 2618 Elm St. For more information on the bar and candy shop, you can visit their facebook page here.