North Texas Has The Largest Rose Garden In The Nation And It's Free To Visit

Rose gardens are always beautiful anywhere in the world, but this one definitely takes the cake. North Texas has the largest rose garden in the entire country and it is breathtaking. The City of Tyler Rose Garden has 14 acres of beautiful flowers and admission is always free. The garden has over 500 different varieties of flowers that you can come see. 

The rose garden is open from sunrise to sundown with over 38,000 rose bushes for you to admire. While not all flowers bloom yearround, there are at least 50 types of antique roses that bloom when the rest are dormant. The garden also has a selection on 300 roses that are supposed to be reminiscent of an English rose garden.

Sometime in mid-October, the garden has a giant, incredible festival to celebrate the beauty of the garden. During the festival, visitors have a chance to meet the "Rose Queen". The festival is three days long and during that time you can have tea in the garden and enjoy a all the gardens have to offer.

During your visit, you might notice a little part of the garden that isn't completely covered in roses. This part of the garden was meant to give people inspiration for their own home gardens. Appropriately named the IDEA Garden, visitors can come and relax by the meditation area, the stunning reflecting pools, any of the beautiful water fountains, and the gazebo.

The City Of Tyler Rose Garden is located at 420 Rose Park Drive. They are open seven days a week and the best time of the year to see these beautiful flowers is between April and October. For more information on the garden, you can visit their webpage here.