You know when you're at home and you really want some Starbucks but you don't want to get in your car to drive there and you're just wishing someone would bring it to your door? Well, we're here to tell you that wishes really do come true. According to Eater, if you live in Dallas or Houston you can now order Starbucks through the Ubereats app.

You can start ordering all your favorite drinks today and delivery fees can be as low as 49 cents. The being said, if you're ordering one drink you'll still be charged the UberEats small order fee which is usually about $2 for anything under $10. All this, of course, does not include the price of the drink itself.

Sometimes when ordering on Ubereats you'll find that not all places have their full menu on the app, however, that won't be a problem when order Starbucks and they have everything from a simple black coffee to skinny cinnamon dolce lattes. You will also be able to get any of their delicious treats including lunch options like their egg and cheese protein box to their dipped madeleines or even just a banana. 

While other apps like Postmates offered to deliver drinks from the famous coffee shop, this is the first time the chain itself is teaming up with anyone else to provide their drinks to their customers. By teaming up, it allows customers to even purchase a bag of their favorite coffee blend from the app and have it delivered right to their door.

For now, Dallas, Houston, and Orange County are the latest to be able to order from the famous chain but we hope they expand to the rest of Texas very soon.

For more information on what you can order, you can check out your local Starbucks on the Ubereats app.