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This Floating Boardwalk In Texas Is One Of The World's Longest & It’s Surrounded By Lily Pads

The beautiful journey is over 6,000 feet long! 💛

Texas Staff Writer
A woman sits on the floating boardwalk at Lake Weatherford. Right: A patch of lily pads atop Lake Weatherford.

A woman sits on the floating boardwalk at Lake Weatherford. Right: A patch of lily pads atop Lake Weatherford.

It seems like the Lone Star State is home to many giant things and breaking some world records with its Texas-sized attractions.

If you're looking for fun unique things to do here, there is an array of big adventures to choose from like snorkeling in the world's largest spring-fed pool or meeting the current world's tallest dog at the Dallas Farmer's Market.

The Lake Weatherford Floating Nature Walk, located right outside of Ft. Worth, TX, is also a great option. This is one of America's longest floating boardwalks and it's not that well known among locals.

The massive bridge sits atop Lake Weatherford and it's surrounded by a spread of huge American water lilies.

The short trail takes about 25 minutes to walk and you'll journey from one side of the park, through both parts of the lake, and even a section of forest with whimsical trees.

"If you walk the entire boardwalk and the loop and back to your car it is 6,234 feet or 1.18 miles," Jaycob Kirkpatrick, the Assistant Director of Parks, Recreation and Special Events at Lake Weatherford wrote Narcity.

The optimal time to visit the long path is during the early summer, typically late June into early July, when the lilies have fully bloomed, and a sea of yellow flowers can be seen for what seems like miles.

It's a stunning sight to witness at any time, however, whether it's during the brightest part of the day or at sunset, the whole area is pretty magical during the blooming season.

There are two separate trail entrances on the east and west sides of Lake Weatherford.

It's completely free to visit and experience something you can't find anywhere else in the States.

Lake Weatherford Floating Nature Walk

Price: Free

Address: 2864 East Lake Drive, Weatherford, TX 76087 or 1198 West Lake Drive, Weatherford, TX 76087

Why You Need To Go: It's America's longest floating boardwalk!


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