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You Can Now Get A $1000 Fine Or Jail Time For Not Wearing A Face Covering In Dallas

Dallas County has now joined the bandwagon of Texas cities that have made it mandatory for all Dallas residents to wear face coverings in public. The rule will go in place this weekend and continue on until the end of the Shelter in Place order. The county has shared plenty of ways to make sure you are practicing safe habits when you must leave the home, and failure to follow the rules may lead to a hefty punishment.

The Shelter in Place order is now updated to include that all Dallas county residents must wear a facial covering of a sort when leaving their home.

If you violate the new rule, which will be active as of midnight on Saturday, April 18, it could leave you with a fine of up to $1,000 and even possible jail time.

The amendment states that "all persons over the age of two shall wear some form of covering over their nose and mouth, such as a homemade mask, scarf, bandanna or handkerchief when patronizing an Essential Business or using public transportation."

So if you haven't gotten a hold on a protective mask yet, you might want to start crafting a DIY one.

The amendment shares with the public that "the covering of a person’s nose and mouth is necessary to help slow the spread of the virus."

The punishment for not abiding with the new Shelter in Place order will be on the same terms with other Texas areas requiring face masks, including Austin and Laredo.

They have already given residents a warning about their $1000 fines to make sure people follow the new rule.

According to the Dallas City Hall website, 4044 warnings and 12 citations have already been issued to citizens and businesses who have failed to follow the order.

As of 1 p.m. on April 16, 2020, there have been 2,066 positive cases of COVID-19 and 50 deaths in Dallas County.

The new amendment will go into effect at 11:59 p.m. on April 17, 2020.

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