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Fort Worth Is Getting A Brand New Karaoke Bar With Over 70,000 Songs

Do you know that movie scene where a group of friends go to an awesome karaoke bar? There are people laughing, drinking, and singing all your favorite cheesy pop songs. Now you'll have the opportunity to join in on the fun because according to Eater, Fort Worth is getting a brand new karaoke bar. Voice Box Karaoke will open its doors sometime this fall though no exact open date has been given.

The new location will be open on Crockett Row on West 7th. There will be eight private suites and a bar. Each of the suites has two TVs, microphones and of course, a karaoke machine. The bar has all your favorite cocktails and beers to really liven things up and give you that liquid courage to belt out your favorite tunes all night long.

If you're a real performer, there are settings for you to change the lighting in the room so your audience can get the full effect of your incredible show. You can also try your hand at the tambourine! There will be snacks available for purchase including tater tots and chicken wings. With over 70,000 songs, there's something for everyone - from today's top hits to your favorite Disney songs. 

During regular hours, you can rent a space for just $7 an hour for individuals or $11 during prime hours. Groups rates start at just $60 an hour and work their way up to $140 depending on the time of day and what kind of suite you'd like to use. Guests under 21 are welcome to join in the fun until 9 p.m. Other locations are open every day of the week with varying times and this one is predicted to be no different.

This is the first Texas location that the karaoke bar will open and we hope there will be more coming soon. For more information on Voicebox Karaoke bar, you can visit their website here.

Voicebox Karaoke

Price: Starts at $7

Address: Crockett Row on West 7th, Fort Worth

Why you need to go: They have over 70,000 songs and a full bar plus snacks. You won't ever get tired of the cool lights and fun music!


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