Waco Is Having A Massive Food Truck Festival This March With Over 30 Food Trucks

So delicious!
Waco Is Having A Massive Food Truck Festival This March With Over 30 Food Trucks

When it comes to food festivals, there is no shortage of amazing ones in Texas. Yet another tasty and exciting foodie festival is coming to a spot near you and this time, it's going to be massive. Waco is having a food truck fest on March 28th and it will have 30 different food trucks to choose from.

Some of the 30+ trucks you'll find at the fest include Waco Cha, Rock n' Rolling Grill, Nightlight Donuts, and Laredo Taco Company.

No matter what you're in the mood for, the fest is sure to deliver the best of each cuisine to satisfy your taste buds. The event will even have its first-ever People's Choice food judge that will get you even more involved in the cuisine.

This year, you can enter to win the chance to be a judge at the showdown! The winner and the other official judges will taste each food truck's signature dish and cast their vote for the one they think is best. All of the contest rules can be found on their website.

Tickets to try each vendor's signature dish will be $5 each. Each dish is properly portioned as a four-ounce bite to make sure you get to try multiple dishes from different trucks without getting full too fast.

The food trucks at the event will come from all over Texas so if you've ever wanted to try the cuisine from another city, this might just be the place to stop by.

There will be a beer garden outside the event that you are welcome to stop by during your visit. You will need your ID if you want to get into this fun area, so don't forget it.

Not every participating vendor has been named yet so there is a chance that your favorite food truck will still make an appearance if they aren't on the official list as of right now.

The festival is first come, first serve so be sure to head over earlier in the day to make sure you can get a taste of all the best eats.

The Showdown has seen over 25,000 guests in the past years, so we definitely recommend heading over before all the good stuff is gone.

The Texas Food Truck Showdown is only one of the many food festivals to come to the Lone Star state. However, this is definitely one of the tastiest ones that involve so many incredible food trucks.

No matter what you choose to try at this big foodie event, your taste buds will be forever grateful.

The Texas Food Truck Showdown

Price: TBD

Cuisine: Variety

Address: 101 S. 3rd St., Waco, TX

Why You Need To Go: The ultimate showdown of food trucks is here and you can take a bite of all the delicious goodies.