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You Can Go On A Ghost Hunting Tour For "The Lady Of The Lake" Next Month In North Texas

If you live near the White Rock area, you probably know the legend of the Lady Of The Lake. Some say they have seen her while others don't believe the legend to be true. Wherever you lie on the believer spectrum, you can finally prove your theory right, or wrong, because Haunted Rooms in Dallas is offering the ultimate White Rock Lady Of The Lake ghost hunting experience on August 23rd. 

The story goes a little something like this: a young couple was sitting in their car at White Rock Lake getting ready to leave. They turned on the headlight of their car and saw a young girl in a white dress approaching them. The girl was soaked and asked for a ride home saying that the boat she was on had sunk. She claimed that her friends were safe, but she desperately needed to go home. The girl gave the couple an address which lead them to Oak Cliff.

Once they arrived at the Oak Cliff house, the girl had disappeared into thin air but the seat she was sitting on was still wet. A man came out of the house to see what the couple needed and told them they were the third pair that stopped by with the same story. The man informed them that three weeks prior to them showing up, his daughter drowned while sailing in White Rock. 

The ghost hunt will include a small tour of the lake, ghost hunting vigils, structured vigils, EMF Meters, and other ghost hunting equipment. You will be able to hunt with a team of experienced ghost hunters and you will also have time to explore the place on your own.

Ghost hunting will be from 8 p.m. to midnight and tickets are just $40 per person. There will be unlimited refreshments and the website suggests you bring warm clothing.

For more information on the event or to purchase your tickets for this ghost hunting experience, you can visit their website here.

All guests of the ghost hunt must make sure that they respect the environment they will be exploring at all times. Please be sure to stay alert and practice safety measures during the entire excursion. 

Lady Of White Rock Lake Ghost Hunting

Price: $40

Address: White Rock Lake

Why you need to go: This ghost hunting experience provides all the equipment you need to be able to engage with some real paranormal activity.


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